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marble arch

Marble Arch (Zone A)

marble archThe Marble Arch gateway is a Grade II listed monument which forms a key arrival point to the western end of Oxford Street. The draft Place Strategy proposes improvements to the two islands that will create a world-class public space and gateway for the West End.

Key proposals include: Marble Arch island

Improve crossings to and from the island, and introduce clear walking and cycling routes

Highlight key entrances and links

Redesign the events space to encourage more events

Major public realm investment with space for food and drink stalls

Remove street clutter and improve street furniture including more cycle parking

Western island

Create a landmark playground

Reconfigure the fountains

Improve lighting to make it safer at night

Across both islands

Consider options for pedestrian crossings between the islands

Look at where we put public art

Look at options to reconfigure the road layout around the islands


181019 publica example sites2 improving the setting of a landmark building v2

Oxford Street (Zone B)

oxford street

The world famous Selfridges department store is located in a Grade II listed Edwardian building, one of the most prominent on Oxford Street. We can provide improved public spaces in the streets around it. Key proposals include:

Oxford Street

Create a high quality design for the paving, coordinated with distinctive lighting, street furniture and public art

Create a vibrant attraction in front of Selfridges

Introduce additional tree planting, soft landscaping, playable landscape features and seating

Relocate bus stops to more efficient sites

Balderton Street and Lumley Street

Redesign the public spaces at the ends of Balderton and Lumley Streets as small parks

Declutter the spaces, introduce soft landscaping, new seating and a drinking fountain

181019 publica example sites3 a network of streets and smaller spaces

James Street, Bird Street & Barrett Street (Zone C)

James St, Bird St, Barrett St

These three streets are at the heart of a small neighbourhood north of Oxford Street, and home to a popular concentration of restaurants and bars at St Christopher’s Place. The draft Strategy aims to improve the feel of the neighbourhood and links with the wider area. Key proposals include:

James Street

Introduce a pedestrian area at south end to improve connections into St Christopher’s Place and Barrett Street

Bird Street

Redesign Bird Street as a pocket park, with upgraded surfaces, additional tree planting, soft landscaping, street lighting and a drinking fountain

Barrett Street

Improve surfaces, widen footways and introduce new street lighting to enhance connection between St Christopher’s Place and Selfridges

Explore ways to activate blank areas of frontage


Support diversity of use to animate the neighbourhood

Ensure these streets are prioritised for pedestrians

181019 publica example sites4 new public spaces and water features recalling the Tyburn River

Davies Street & Stratford Place (Zone D)

Davies Street

When the new Bond Street Elizabeth Line station opens, Davies Street and Stratford Place will see a significant increase in footfall. We can improve the public realm in this area for everyone to enjoy. Key proposals include:

Davies Street

Improve the public realm at the intersection of Oxford Street, Davies Street and South Molton Street

A new public space with no through traffic at the top of Davies Street on Oxford Street with seating, planting and public art

Improve connections between the Elizabeth Line station and Oxford Street, including widening footways where possible

Look to create more interesting displays on the east side of West One shopping centre

Stratford Place

Create a new high quality public open space in front of Stratford House

Introduce a water feature, landscaping, willow trees, new paving, seating, public art and lighting

Across the site

Look at improving crossing locations between the two sites

181019 publica example sites5 improvements to the historic heart of the district v2


Marylebone Lane

Improvement work undertaken on Marylebone Lane and Bond Street has greatly enhanced the public realm. Further work will add character to the district and provide two vital public spaces and complement development of a new 10-storey hotel at the Wellbeck Street car park. Key proposals include:

Marylebone Lane

A public space at the fork of Marylebone Lane, with new paving, trees, landscaping, public art and lighting

Continue paving improvements from Marylebone Lane north of Wigmore Street to Oxford Street

Encourage open-air events in the street

Chapel Place and Vere Street

Define Chapel Place as a public space to highlight the chapel

Continue the Bond Street improvements north into Vere Street and widen footways

Declutter the area and relocate cycle hire stands

Provide more trees, soft landscaping and seating

Bond Street

Declutter and improve the public realm at the junction with Oxford Street, including a tailored paving design and special lighting

181019 publica example sites6 a revitalised garden square


Cavendish SquareNorth of Oxford Street, Cavendish Square provides lots of fantastic open space. A new design will provide better connections and emphasise this unique space.

Key proposals include: Cavendish Square Gardens

Create a landmark playground or other public space to create an attractive place for families as well as a new shopping/cultural hub

Create a new entrance in the middle of the south side with improved landscaping to enhance views and reintroduce the original entrances in the middle of the east and west sides

Redesign the gardens with new tree planting, soft landscaping, pathways and low level lighting; remove existing brick walls where possible to open up views into and across the space

Support the introduction of appropriate events, in consultation with residents, which will bring new life to the district

Cavendish Square Streets

Increase footway along the east and west sides of the square, with a design that reflects the heritage of the square

Introduce a raised crossing at the top of Holles Street providing connection to the new entrance on the south side of the square


oxford circus zone

Oxford Circus (Zone F)

Oxford Circus


Oxford Circus is an iconic destination, an important transport interchange and a gateway to the West End. Transformation of Oxford Circus would represent major improvement in perhaps the most significant part of the shopping street.

Oxford Circus

Create a new public piazza each side of Oxford Circus by removing east–west traffic between John Prince’s Street and Great Portland Street

Two bus routes are proposed to be diverted via Great Castle or Margaret Street before re-joining Oxford Street, which will mean traffic is not moved to adjacent residential streets

Maintain north–south traffic down Regent Street at Oxford Circus

Allocate more space to prioritise pedestrians

Improve pedestrian connections through lighting, art, special paving and signage

Make sure we have pedestrian safety features as part of a coordinated design

Argyll Street

Redesign and declutter the street to improve pedestrian safety

Introduce new paving, seating, planting, lighting and signage, and consider sites for public art

Great Portland Street

Introduce new pavement, additional tree planting, lighting and public art to define the character of the street

181019 publica example sites8 a well used connection


181019 publica example sites8 a well used connection

Great Marlborough Street connects Oxford Street with Soho. The draft Strategy aims to greatly improve how it works. Key proposals include:

Great Marlborough Street

Redesign the public space on the east side of Liberty including landscaping, seating, drinking fountains, public art, street lighting and floral planting to create an attractive space for visitors and support local businesses

Locate parking in areas away from shopfronts where possible

Redistribute cycle racks to provide clear crossing spaces

Look at ways to create more interesting displays in service areas

181019 publica example sites9 a growing quarter of restaurants cafes and bars


Market Place

This area north of Oxford Street is home to a growing and successful quarter of small restaurants, cafés and bars. Recent work on Market Place and Great Titchfield Street could be extended to support businesses and provide a network of pedestrian priority spaces. Key proposals include:

Market Place and across the site

Add greenery, lighting, public art, special paving and signage

Widen footways where possible

Provide additional signage on Oxford Street to encourage more footfall

Great Titchfield Street

Introduce consistent, high quality paving, tree planting, lighting, furniture and public art to the street

Declutter and redesign the open space at the southern end with additional greenery, special paving and signage

Work with other occupiers around the open space to develop lively displays

Work with the neighbourhood forum on their ideas for the area

Winsley Street

Introduce colour to walls and paving

Look at timed access options to create additional space for pedestrians

181019 publica example sites10  enhancements to Soho Street and Hanway Place


Soho Street

Both these streets offer connections to key parts of the district and serve important functions including servicing. Improvements will encourage use and enjoyment of these connections to Bloomsbury’s attractions, including the British Museum, and add character to the area. Key proposals include:

Hanway Street

Celebrate the street’s unusual and historic charm with a new public realm design including more pedestrian space, paving, signage and public art

Work with the London Borough of Camden and the West End project to improve pedestrian crossings at junction with Tottenham Court Road to improve connections to Great Russell Street

Support use of Hanway Street as an important location for nightlife, and look at a lighting strategy to create a better setting

Work with stakeholders to help manage the street and its servicing requirements better

Soho Street

Declutter and improve the street as a key gateway to Soho

Review parking and servicing bays to allow the space to be prioritised for pedestrians at certain times


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We want to know what you think about these proposals.

The consultation runs from 6th November to 16th December 2018. The council will analyse all the feedback received and then consider an updated strategy in early 2019.

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