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Visit the new Soho Photography Quarter

29 Apr 2022

Visitors can now experience a greener, more pleasant and lighter space with a contemporary art frieze and projection at the Soho Photography Quarter.

Improving the environment of Oxford Street

27 Apr 2022

Oxford Street has seen recent notable improvements to some poorly managed premises and in addressing illegal business practices happening in the area.

Spades hit the ground on greener Oxford Street

10 Mar 2021

Work is underway on measures which will make more space for people, add trees and greenery, introduce seating and cycle parking and create pocket parks throughout the Oxford Street District.

Ambitious plans will reinvent the nation’s high street and boost London’s recovery

16 Feb 2021

A unique Marble Arch visitor attraction and ambitious new framework to kickstart a reimagined Oxford Street as the great fightback is launched for the nation’s favourite high street.  Westminster City...

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Pop up activation

26 Nov 2020

Look out for more information on pop up activation happening soon. A programme is being developed by Westminster City Council to activate empty units in...

The Westminster Enterprise Space Network

19 Nov 2020

If you are a workspace provider, here is some information on how you can support new and small businesses. The Westminster Enterprise Space Network is...

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Stay updated

19 Nov 2020

Use our new website to learn about the great work happening in the Oxford Street District. Our new website will bring you the latest information about...