The Marble Arch Mound

26 Jul 2021

Visit London's newest outdoor attraction

Marble Arch Mound
Marble Arch Mound

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Commissioned by Westminster City Council, the Marble Arch Mound is a temporary installation that brings a renewed excitement about the area and manifests the council’s vision of a Greener Smarter Future Together.

The experience

Visitors can climb to the 22.5-metre peak via a path that winds its way up to the summit. On their way down, visitors will descend into the heart of the Mound, a hollowed-out space that features Lightfield, a light exhibition presented by W1 Curates. The exit leads visitors to Marble Arch and the adjacent public space leading to Oxford Street and Hyde Park. The Marble Arch Mound will be open to visitors until January 2022. Don’t miss out and book your tickets now.

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