Marble Arch Mound construction begins

17 May 2021

Marble Arch Mound is now under construction and is due to open to the public in early July for six months.

It will provide a one-of-a-kind viewing experience across Hyde Park and Oxford Street. This project is expected to attract over 200,000 visitors to the area and forms a part of the council’s wider plans for the Oxford Street District and will provide a boost to the area as visitors return to central London as Covid-19 restrictions ease.

The attraction has been designed by world renowned architects MVRDV and, as well as attracting visitors, will deliver the following additional benefits:

• the attraction will create jobs through the construction and operating phases. We’ll seek to maximise opportunities for local people through our successful employment programmes.

• it will bring green landscaping and trees to an area suffering from traffic pollution

• electrical power will be provided to the site for the first time so that we can run it sustainably

• there will be ongoing social benefits. Once dismantled, the trees and landscape will be relocated to other parts of the District and local community.

You can view the installation process through a live stream as the 25m grass-covered landscape comes to life.