The Westminster Enterprise Space Network

19 Nov 2020

If you are a workspace provider, here is some information on how you can support new and small businesses.

The Westminster Enterprise Space Network is free and brings together members of the workspace provider community. It is a light touch business support programme, the aim of which is to:

  • enable businesses to secure affordable and flexible workspace accompanied by a quality business support offer
  • work with workspace providers to generate opportunities for local residents
  • establish and nurture a local industry group of workspace providers within Westminster

Currently the network has 31 different members whom between them, operate a total of approximately 60 workspaces across the borough.

The council has a range of business support offers with a variety of delivery organisations for members of the network and businesses in these workspaces.

Workspace operators seeking membership of the network, will simply be required to complete a memorandum of understanding (MoU) committing to delivering affordable and flexible workspace, a proactive business support offering, peer collaboration opportunities and community impact.

If you would like more information on how to get involved then contact the Westminster Business Unit at:

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