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Oxford Street District March 2020

The Leader of the Council, Cllr Rachael Robathan, said:

“Our vision is to improve and future-proof Oxford Street to strengthen its globally-renowned status as key destination of vital importance within the West End and London that also responds to the needs and wishes of our residents. Along with my Cabinet, we support the principles of the Place Strategy and the £150m that has already been set aside to kickstart the public realm improvements.  

“But we are ambitious to go further, particularly with regards to our environmental agenda and “smart cities” technology. That’s why we are now taking a little time to update our Oxford Street plans so we can deliver the Smartest Street in Europe as well as the highest environmental standards and initiatives that will be the envy of any comparable world city.

“We remain totally committed to continuing to work in close collaboration with residents, businesses and landowners to develop our plans further, to ensure that Oxford Street and the surrounding areas can all benefit. That’s why we will reengage with all relevant individuals, groups and organisations when the time is right and our plans have been updated and improved.”

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