Proposals for a bold, new ‘Marble Arch Hill’ temporary visitor attraction have been developed

Subject to attaining planning approval, the temporary Marble Arch Hill will include a viewing platform which allows visitors a unique opportunity to look out over the area from a new perspective as the council and its partners start to transform the District.

It will allow people to enjoy and understand Marble Arch in a way that has not previously been possible and also to appreciate the park in its correct setting.

It will be built to the highest sustainability standards and any materials used will be recycled where possible to provide a lasting legacy.

Marble Arch Hill has been designed by world renowned architects MVRDV and, as well as attracting visitors, will deliver the following additional benefits:

  • the attraction will create jobs through the construction and operating phases. We’ll seek to maximise opportunities for local people through our successful employment programmes.
  • it brings green landscaping and trees to an area suffering from traffic pollution.
  • we will bring electrical power to the site for the first time so we can run it sustainably (part of the long-term plans)
  • the inside of the mountain (and height) makes it safe and healthy for people to enjoy the area as they are protected from air pollution, traffic and noise
  • there will be ongoing social benefits. Once dismantled, the trees and landscape will be relocated to other parts of the District and local community.

More information about the planning application will be made available soon.

The concept

The extended park
The lifted park
The hill offset
The hill and the Arch
South elevation