A bold ‘Marble Arch Mound' temporary visitor attraction was built in the Oxford Street District.

We built the Marble Arch Mound to support London’s recovery from Covid-19 by attracting visitors back into the West End. The temporary Marble Arch Mound opened from July 2021 until 9 January 2022. Visitors were able to climb to the top of the 22.5 metre structure, where a viewing platform offered views of the surrounding area from an entirely new perspective never experienced before by the wider public. The Mound welcomed over 250,000 visitors during this time.

Marble Arch Mound

On their way down, visitors descended into the heart of the Mound, where they could experience Lightfield- a one-off light exhibition by W1 Curates.

W1 Curates Light Exhibition
Opera Gallery Marble Arch
W1 Curates Light Exhibition

Any materials used to build the Mound are being recycled and reused wherever possible to provide a legacy.

Marble Arch Mound

As well as attracting visitors, the Mound strived to deliver the following additional benefits:
• creating jobs through the construction and operating phases. We sought to maximise opportunities for local people through our successful employment programmes.
• bringing green landscaping and trees to an area suffering from traffic pollution.
• installing an electrical power source to the site, which will support wider use of the area once the Mound has been dismantled.
• ongoing social benefits. Once dismantled, the trees and landscape will be relocated to other parts of the District and local community.

The concept

The extended park
The lifted park
The mound offset
The mound and the Arch
South elevation